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SUBMEX pumps are designed for pumping industrial and clean water Flow 3-35 m3/h Submersible centrifugal, multi-stage, vertical pumps rigidly coupled with submersible electric motors at the bottom of the aggregates
Used for supplying households with water or irrigation systems Height 10-160 m The pump shaft is guided in the sliding bearings lubricated by the pumped liquid
Boosting the pressure in water supply installations for tall buildings Temperature max 105 0C The aspiration of the water is realized through a sieve installed before the suction case, between the pump and the electric motor, which is designed to hold large impurities
For lowering the groundwater level in mining exploitations DN Discharge 50-65 mm

Другие области применимости насосов SUBMEX:

Насосы для водоснабжения Насосы для домашнего использования Насосы для нефтяной промышленности Насосы для пищевой промышленности Насосы для подземной добычи и добычи Насосы для сельского хозяйства и орошения Насосы для строительства Насосы для химической промышленности Насосы для энергетики

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