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Vertical multistage pump – MEX-MV-300


“MECANEX Company is one of our suppliers of pumps and machined parts with which we have worked successfully for many years and we can always rely on in the future. The professionalism and dedication of the team is materialized in products and services of European quality.

We recommend company MECANEX – Botosani, Romania with confidence!” 

From: Ms. Siomara Patko
Buyer for Mechanical Standard Spares | ArcelorMittal | Galați, Romania

Vertical, multistage pumps, coupled to electric motors at the top of the aggregates. Flow 150-1500 m3/h In agriculture for irrigation and dewatering Long life and reliability due to its robust construction
The hydraulic subassembly is made of cast iron, the rotor is in closed construction, the shaft is guided in sliding bearings, and the lubrication of the bearings is done with the fluid being conveyed. Height 5-85 m For drinking water supply Easy assembling
The delivery kit for the MEX-MV electric pumps consists of: pump, coupling and electric motor. Temperature max 55°C For water supply to industrial complexes Standard manufacturing materials
The MEX-MV-300 pumps can have from 1 to 3 stages. Suction DN 16 bar As pumps for clean or slightly dirty liquids, as well as other non-aggressive liquids Replaceable wearing parts
The use of these pumps in installations allows the pumping of liquids from the lower levels without the need for priming. Discharge DN 300 mm

Другие области применимости насосов MEX-MV-300:

Насосы для водоснабжения Насосы для сельского хозяйства и орошения Насосы для строительства

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