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Mining industry Flow 20-220 m3/h “Ex” variant available for running under potential explosive environment conditions Circulate abrasive liquids
Energy Height 100-300 m “Dx” variant also available-suitable to circulate corrosive liquids Robust design
Irrigations Temperature max 105 0C 60 Hz frequency Easy replacement within installation
Hydro-transportation Nom. Pressure 25;64 bar Various protection classes of the electric motor: Exd II CT4; Exd II BT4; ANTIORI Due to standard dimensions
DN suction 100;150 mm Water or liquids having a content of abrasive impurities (with the maximum dimensions up to 0 = 10 mm) in suspension of witch concentration doesn’t exceed 30 and the viscosity of maximum 5 °E
Various voltage ratings: 380V; 500V Interchangeability of parts
DN discharge 80;125 mm Long life of ball bearings due to oil-bath cooling
Mounting on steel base plate allows a good vibration absorption

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