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Horizontal, multistage pumps


“MECANEX Company is one of our suppliers of pumps and machined parts with which we have worked successfully for many years and we can always rely on in the future. The professionalism and dedication of the team is materialized in products and services of European quality.

We recommend company MECANEX – Botosani, Romania with confidence!” 

From: Ms. Siomara Patko
Buyer for Mechanical Standard Spares | ArcelorMittal | Galați, Romania

Water supply at medium and high pressures Flow 15-180 m3/h Horizontal, multistage pumps Cover a wide range of pressures
In technological installations as process pumps Height 20-900 m Bath suction and discharge holes in vertical plane The steel base plate provides
In cooling installation for industrial furnaces Temperature max. 130 0C Oil-bath lubricated ball bearings A good vibration absorption
Clean liquids (of which content of suspension doesn’t exceed 0.5 g/l) Nom. Pressure 64; 100 bar Shaft sealing by graphitized asbestos cord Long life and reliability due to its robust building
DN refulare 50-100 mm Silent operation  Replaceable wearing parts
Suction DN 65-125 mm Drum-type axial balancing  Reduced overall size
Discharge DN 50-100 mm Equipped with cooling-device Possibility of cooling the sealing whilst working

Special construction for fluid temperatures up to 130 ° C;
Stainless steel – available for circulation of corrosive liquids;
Manufacturing of pumps from different materials;
Frequency 60 Hz; Insulation classes: E, F.

Other areas of applicability of pumps SD:

Pumps for Agriculture - irrigations Pumps for Chemical industry Pumps for Constructions Pumps for Energey industry Pumps for Food industry Pumps for Mining and Underground extractions Pumps for Petroleum Pumps for Siderurgy Pumps for Watter supply

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