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The nominal characteristic values are considered for water at 20 ° C and a specific gravity of 98 o N / m3. TCRD O + 15 Q (m3 / h);

Hm 23 + 5.5;

Pa (kW), 2.4 + 3.3;

Speed (rot / min) 1800.

From a constructive point of view, TCRD pumps belong to the category of single-stage pumps having a lateral channel with a horizontal axis.
They are designed to pump water and other non-aggressive liquids that do not contain impurities or solid particles in suspension.
Any admissible impurities will have a maximum size of 0.1 mm in a maximum concentration of 0.5 g / l.
Pumps in normal construction deliver fluids with a maximum temperature of 65° C.

Weitere Anwendungsgebiete von Pumpen TCRD:

Pumpen für Marine

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