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Description of the product PARAMETERS Area of use
MEC-MA pumps are of diagonal shapes, multi-stage, vertical, coupled with electric motors and situated at the top of the aggregates; The maximum liquid temperature is 55 0 C and the pH is between 6 and 9. MEC-MV pumps are designed for transporting clean water or slightly contaminated water, with solid suspensions up to max. 300mg / l (in case of water with abrasive suspensions up to max. 150mg / l) or other non-corrosive liquids.
These pumps are made of removable parts for easing the transport and installation in pumping stations, given the relatively large gauges and weights. The use of these pumps in installations, allows the pumping of liquids from lower levels without the pump requiring priming.
The hydraulic subassembly (the subassembly pumping) is made of cast iron, the rotor is in an enclosed construction, the shaft is guided in sliding bearings and the lubrication of bearings is made with the vehicle liquid. MEC-MV pumps are designed for transporting water from deep water wells, for irrigation and drainage systems, for the supply of water to villages, industrial complexes, for the cooling circuits of thermal power plants, etc..
Depending on the length of the delivery, the pumping subassembly can be coupled directly to the support of the pumping discharge or through intermediate elements (sections) and transmission (shafts).
The intermediate shafts are radially guided by the intermediate bearing, their coupling being achieved by fixed coupling, like threaded sleeve which are removable.
The discharge body through which the electric pump is supported by the plant floor and connects in the installation, incorporates the axial – radial bearing of the pump and the sealing system of the shaft up to the pump.

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Pumpen für Landwirtschaft - Bewässerung Pumpen für Siderurgie Pumpen für Wattversorgung

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